Heaven and Earth


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30 March 2019




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“Yet once more [finally] I shake not the earth only, but also the heavens.”–Heb. 12:26.

The heavens that are being shaken refer not to the Divine residence and Throne, but symbolically represent the ecclesiastical system of the present time. The stars, or bright ones, have been falling for some time. There is a great shaking or confusion now operating in ecclesiastical circles. It will progress until, as St. Peter figuratively declares, “the heavens shall take fire”–shall be consumed, shall cease to be, leaving the way clear for the “new heavens,” the ecclesiastical system of the Millennium, which will be the glorified Church, invisible to men, but clothed with Divine power for the blessing of mankind, for their release from ignorance and superstition and their uplift for a thousand years to return them to the image and likeness of God, lost in Eden, redeemed at Calvary.–2 Peter 3:10-13.

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